Corporate Tours

Our staff is well versed and focused on researching the perfect venues for your meeting or the perfect destination for an incentive trip for your top performers.

If you have ever put together a professional meeting for several guests all flying in from different locations, you know it can be a significant amount of work. Finding a suitable venue and coordinating all the details is time consuming. Coordinating air arrivals, ground transportation, lodging, and meals is only the beginning. Anticipating off property activities and entertainment for your guests, ensuring adequate main session meeting room capacity and breakouts plus the lunch menu, arrival reception, attrition rates and any non-conforming requests can take significant time and expertise to coordinate. Presenters need for audio visual equipment or white boards must be taken into consideration. Let our agents take the burden off your hands. Using your specific criteria, we will spend the time researching different cities and/or properties that can accommodate your group and its unique needs.

Weekend team travel has become an important corporate tool. Away from the distractions of the office and home, your group can realize additional productivity and become a more cohesive unit. We can help you craft the perfect venue for your team building experience.

Incentive travel has grown in popularity as companies have become more creative in finding ways to reward top performers. Cash incentives are good, but travel has a greater visibility and excitement factor that can spread among coworkers and within work groups. The goal of a special vacation is exciting to everyone within an organization and provides a strong incentive to stretch and reach new heights in productivity. Incentive travel is designed to create a friendly competitive environment among work groups or between individuals. An earned reward can be as simple as a trip to Disneyland or as elaborate as a cruise in the Mediterranean. Our agents will work within your budget to maximize the reward for the recipient. Let us show you how your organization can use excess miles to help defray the cost of incentive travel while providing a strong motivator for employees to reach their professional goals.

Using your criteria, we will spend the time researching different cities and/or properties that can accommodate your group. We can negotiate the best hotel rates and help arrange general meeting space, breakouts, food & beverage, AV support and entertainment if requested.

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